To help buyers and sellers – and different sectors of the industry – understand what is involved in moving house.

How it works
The education group is a mix of all of the different sectors of the home moving process including agents, legal representatives, surveyors, lenders, mortgage brokers and many more.

The group is working to produce consistent information on the buying and selling process that can then be used to generate educational material for the media, industry and consumers.

The belief is that if everyone involved in buying and selling understands the process and pitfalls from start to finish, buyers and sellers will have a better move, with problems being solved quickly and effectively, if not avoided altogether.

Current progress
The education group is currently working on the government revised buying and selling guides to create consistent content which is supported by all sectors of the home moving industry.

Once these guides are produced, the group will be working on recommended industry training programmes and additional consumer content.

We would welcome feedback from anyone keen to improve everyone’s understanding of the home buying and selling process, whether it is a problem you don’t know how best to solve or an issue that occurs regularly which you have a tried and tested solution for we can share with government, the industry and consumers.

To contact the education group, please fill in the form below:

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