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Moving home can sometimes be confusing, whether you have done it before or this is your first step on the home owning ladder.

At the HBSG we understand, all of our work is for you, the consumer of the home moving process, to try to make it easier for you and a positive home moving experience for all.

So, where to start?  Take a look at the guides below – there is no doubt more in there than you need, every move is different, but you can flick through them to find out about your move.


If have read the guide (s) but still feel that you would like more information, or this has not covered an area you are interested in, then please get in touch by using the ‘contact’ form below.

Also, check out this video from Trading Standards which will tell you about the information you need to ask the estate agent to provide, so you can make sure the property is right for you, and what you intend to do to it and how you want to use it in the future.

If you are just selling and want to know if you might have to pay Capital Gains Tax, these are the videos and links you need, well worth a watch as the penalties do mount up if you do not pay up!

And for a quick snap shot of how it all works, check out the animations on how the legal process works and how you can prepare for your sale:

Times are changing. If you are thinking about buying, do ask your estate agent for the Upfront Information and what you can do to speed up your move, such as, pre-qualifying your financial position, and if you will need a loan, getting a ‘mortgage n principle’ so that you know how much you can borrow.

Moving home doesn’t have to be tricky, so do take the time to find out what you can do to have a positive moving experience.

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