The Property Logbook Workgroup was established to formalise the role of a digital logbook in the home buying and selling process.  The initial focus being the provision of Up Front Information.

We believe that encouraging homeowners to keep detailed records of all activity around their home, will enable a faster and more secure sale. It will also help to reduce the fall through rate by ensuring the correct information is available earlier in The Home Buying & Selling process. Participants in the group include suppliers of ‘property logbooks’ and interested parties from various stakeholders in the HBSG.


Since the demise of HIPs, there has been an explosion of ‘digital data systems’ in the property landscape and in particular the sales process. Homes increasingly have a digital presence themselves now, with many core services online.

Relationships with utilities, insurance companies, local authorities and other service providers are increasingly managed through web sites and apps, meaning data can be captured and held digitally, for use during sale.

The Property Logbook Workgroup was established in 2020
The working group are working to create a consistent and regulated basis for residential logbooks.  This will then enable them to integrate with different aspects of the property industry throughout the life of the property.  A long term objective is for all residential properties to have a regulated logbook and all transactions to be supported by them.  The working group is focused on assisting the transaction process from start to finish, then developing the logbook for the lifetime of the property.  The work streams and delivery is focused on the home buying and selling process, mortgages and loans, lettings and leaseholds and new build with  Local Authorities, Utilities, certification bodies and Land Registry future work.

For any queries, please contact  the chair, Tim Main

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