The Property Data Trust Framework follows the industry and government’s wider ambition for a thriving, fast-growing digital sector in the UK, underpinned by public trust. The working group provides the data, technology and trust standards which underpin a digital BASPI and upfront information.

How it works

It’s a well known fact in our industry that the data we need in the home buying process is not fit for purpose because it is not recorded in a standardised format and is typically held in a condition that means it is not FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable or Reusable). Our systems don’t generally work well together and our data is not always stored or shared on modern, future-proof systems. From a Home Buying & Selling Group perspective, this means not having the data required to create a digital, upfront Property Information pack, and not being able to create interoperability between the systems involved in the end-to-end transaction.

The Property Data Trust Framework has been developed by a collaborative working group with the objective of creating the framework, data, and technology standards we need to make property information available upfront enabling customer transparency, user confidence, informed decision making and to reduce the current time, uncertainty, risks and stress experienced by customers and industry participants.

The framework and open source technology standards that we’ve created will ensure that property data is findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable, will enable frictionless exchange of property data between software products and services, and will be supported by trusted information regarding the provenance of that data. 

Current progress

The Property Data Trust Framework group have agreed the draft wording of the framework, created a JSON schema and a standard API spec for property data to be collected upfront and shared between appropriate parties in a transaction.

You can read the latest draft of the framework here: The Property Data Trust Framework

For developers, you’ll find our data schema and API spec here on Github

If you’d like to be involved in developing the standards or providing industry support please register your interest here.

For any other queries please contact the chair, Maria Harris.

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